The Business

It consists of recovering deforested areas with reforestation and / or planting commercial forests (afforestation).

Planting forests, whether with reforestation or afforestation, will always be a good deal. So much because the raw material, wood, is a renewable raw material, that you can plant, cut and plant again, without causing any damage to the environment, helping nature, the native forest, water courses, fauna and flora regional and obviously obtaining a financial result from the execution of all these projects, as well as the simple fact that it is helping to combat climate change, reducing CO2 emissions, deforestation, complying with the Paris Agreement, and preserving native forests.

Here we are talking about two different businesses, but which start from the same technological and knowledge base. Reforest to recover deforested areas, allowing the exploitation of part of this wood, to reinvest in planting, and pay the costs of the operation at a profit for the parties (the landowner and the company). And, silvicultural (monoculture) planting of commercial “forests”, respecting the environment and watercourses, reinvesting the result in more planting, and making a profit for partners, investors and the company.

In reforestation we also have the option of outsourcing our services to carry out reforestation projects on demand, without cutting trees in the future and without exploitation in any way.

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