Plant native and exotic trees on an industrial scale to recover deforested areas, helping: combating deforestation, offsetting CO2 emissions, combating climate change, while producing wealth that will be reinvested in the project again.

We created the iPlantForest Group, because we believe that it is possible to help change the relationship between Deforestation vs. Reforestation, help neutralize carbon emissions, help combat climate change, help landowners recover their environmental liabilities, and by doing so, produce wealth for our partners, our investors, and use part of this financial result to reinvest in the project itself, thus creating a virtuous circle of planting, area recovery, wealth production and planting again.

Use our technologies and machinery also in silvicultural planting (monoculture) for our group or for third parties. In this sense, we have been planting African Mahogany (today’s largest African Mahogany planting operation), and we have increased our facilities to plant commercial forests for business groups looking for better costs for planting their “forests”.

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