Capacity and Production Process

The reforestation project with the recovery of degraded areas has the potential to plant throughout the Legal Amazon, recovering and allowing the cutting of part of the wood, in a process that will not degrade what was recovered and will allow the financial result of this project to be reinvested reforestation.

Due to the unique feature of our project, we are able to plant millions of hectares of forests (not just monoculture), creating an alternative to combat illegal deforestation in the future and contributing to the growth of our Group until it takes the place of the largest reforestation company of Brazil and, in the near future, of the World.

Our capacity is to plant 833 trees per hectare, extracting through an Sustainable Forest Management Plan an average of 416 trees in 6, 9, 12 and 17 years.

The expected return per hectare will be between BRL R$ 197 thousand to R$ 316 thousand per hectare.

In the state of Roraima alone, 1.5 million hectares were declared in the CAR (Rural Environmental Registry) as deforested areas, only from the landowners who made the spontaneous declaration. If we take into account that spontaneously, as a rule, people declare problems less than they really are, we expect that, in the state of Roraima alone, the area to recover will be greater than 1.5 million hectares. Taking into account all the liabilities that must exist in the Legal Amazon, we can estimate that more than 10 million hectares must be included in the region’s environmental liability and that we can offer our recovery project to zero environmental liabilities across the region.

Production Process