Cost of Implementation

The iPlantForest Group has different projects and each one has its costs and specific characteristics. The costs of each project are different due to the distinct need for the use of inputs, machinery, personnel, and seedling production, in short, each project has very specific characteristics and costs vary according to these needs.

Custom reforestation:

Average cost of BRL 15,000 per hectare.

Agroforestry (eating forest):

Average cost of BRL 30,000 per hectare.

Reforestation to recover degraded areas for third parties:

Cost varies from BRL 5,000 to BRL 15,000 per hectare, depending on the type of management that will be required in each forest.

Outsourcing of our entire structure for planting commercial forests:

The cost will depend exclusively on what service will be contracted. Services can range from: producing seedlings; produce seedlings and plant; or produce seedlings, prepare the land and plant; or even do all the previous activities and manage the forest, and, depending on the number of years contracted for forest management, the cost will vary.

In all cases, what we have in the proposal are the market costs of inputs, labor, taxes and the company’s operating cost. Nothing that is strange for those who know the forest promotion activity, with a differential: as we have a very fast planting system, it allows us, in some cases, to present very competitive costs in relation to the market.

Partnership for planting forests:

Average cost of BRL 10,000 per hectare.