1. Reforestation on request.
  2. Reforestation to recover degraded areas for third parties.

In the custom reforestation project, the contractor pays for the complete reforestation services and our company simply executes it. We can include in this project modality, the production of native seedlings (or of any type), soil preparation, planting and forest management.

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The other reforestation projects for the recovery of degraded areas, can be contracted directly by the landowner, or, by regional governments that wish to reduce their state’s environmental liabilities or assist those landowners with environmental liabilities and who have restrictions on the CPF, which prevents them from taking bank financing and is therefore a social problem for their states.

Planting of native and exotic species, an average of 833 (eight hundred and thirty-three) seedlings per hectare, with spacing of 6m x 2m, being able to exploit half of these trees, those that are exotic or native with high market value, distributed so as not to cause impacts on the future in the consolidated forest, which can be cut through Sustainable Forest Management Plans (PMFS), respecting all the prerequisites of the Brazilian environmental law, which can be either forest plantations or agroforestry (forests of food).

Each of these projects will be detailed specifically for the selected area, with species typical of the biome in question. We can also use species of high commercial value to help preserve future native forests. Since the disposition of each of the species, aims to guarantee the healthy development of the forest, and the selective cutting of trees, without causing damage or imbalance to the reforested area.

Our equipment can be adapted to different spacing, we are not obliged to work with 6×2 spacing. And, we can also plant more or less trees per hectare. Everything will depend on the specific characteristics of each farm and the needs of each project.

Reforestation to recover degraded areas has an advantage for the property owner, which is, in some states there are specific laws for obtaining discounts on environmental fines for those who recover their environmental liabilities, with projects approved by the state environmental agencies. And, this is exactly what our consortium does. It delivers recovery projects in line with local requirements and once the area is recovered, it offers guarantees that the forest will consolidate and that it has all the basic requirements to rebalance that biome.

The financing of these projects can be requested by landowners with environmental liabilities, through the products of several banks in Brazil, which provide more attractive rates, longer grace periods, and years to pay the financing in order to recover degraded areas. In these cases, our company can assist people who need this facility to resolve their environmental liabilities, helping with the technical project that banks require with a detailed description of everything that will be done and also with a project required by the state environmental agency, which it will substantiate the discount on the environmental fine and will also assist in the defense of any criminal or civil lawsuits that the cause of environmental damage is responding to or at risk of responding to.

It is important to remember that the environmental liability, caused by deforestation, generates a fine, and can become a criminal or civil lawsuit against the landowner, and that it is not enough to answer the process or pay the fine, the landowner must recover the environmental damage through reforestation of the deforested area. Therefore, sooner or later, all those who have caused environmental damage will have to recover their areas. Look for the best way to finance your project and start as soon as possible, to keep your CPF without restrictions and avoid problems with expensive processes, the outcome of which can cause a lot of damage to the person responsible for the property.

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