Corporate Governance


The iPlantForest Group was created to control the companies that form the reforestation, forestry and technology group of which we are a part, guaranteeing the same corporate governance, the same speech and a single communication channel with the Capital Market, Investors, Suppliers and Customers . We have developed a modern computerized management system (Cloud), to bring accurate and always up-to-date information to everyone involved in our production processes. In addition to ensuring greater transparency in everything that the iPlantForest Group does, we are also preparing the fastest and simplest certification for the wood we produce. Our system was developed following the guidelines of the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®), the most respected wood certifier in the world.

Several tools support this governance, including the Code of Conduct. It is widely disseminated among all our investors to express and reaffirm our business behavior and what we expect from our business partners.

This form of management and control is reinforced by a Conduct Committee, responsible for ensuring ethics in conducting business and for continually improving the dialogue with our investors.

To audit our results and the effectiveness of internal controls and accounting practices, we use internal and external audits, which present their diagnoses to the Audit Committee. External audit services are provided by the company KSI Internacional.

To read the Message from the Chairman of the Board of Directors, click here.