Our Purpose

We were once asked why we do what we do. Why, instead of simply planting trees in a monoculture system, did we decide for the most difficult, which is to plant forests in mosaics adaptable to each region, on an industrial scale, and still helping to recover degraded areas with reforestation?

The answer is simple: the struggle to save the planet is more than a flag, it is a life purpose.

There are men that fight one day and are good;
Others fight one year and they're better;
And there are those who fight many years and are very good;
But there are the ones who fight their whole lives and those are the indispensable ones." - Bertolt Brecht

For us life is a constant struggle and this struggle does not stop until the last day. For this reason, instead of settling in with the planting of African mahogany in a monocultural system, a project that we mastered and executed with mastery and extreme speed, we decided to do something even more daring and necessary for our planet. And in the same way that eucalyptus is planted: fast, cheap and on an industrial scale, to recover degraded areas and solve environmental liability problems for landowners.

Our purpose is aligned with the need to save the planet by planting 1 trillion trees. Yes, 1.2 trillion trees is what humanity needs to sow to stop global warming. Without scale and speed this will not be possible. And this is our place in all of this: to develop machinery and technology to plant large forests at low costs, so that reforestation is accessible to both large companies and the medium and small owner.

As it takes space to plant, and to maintain the forest it is also necessary to take care of the families around it, we believe that the partnership with rural producers who need to reforest – and keep up with the law – is one of the ways. For them, we offer concrete solutions such as design and reforestation to settle their environmental liabilities, making them able to access credit lines and return to sustainable production. The iPlantForest consortium responds to these needs and offers an economically viable alternative to face this gigantic task, which is to reforest by recovering degraded areas and turning this into a profitable business for all, the result of which can be reinvested in more planting.

It is possible to plant forests (multiple species) on an industrial scale, and still create a viable and attractive business for the thousands of landowners. With this project, we have the chance to plant forests on millions of hectares, at first across the Legal Amazon and then in the world. To undertake this monumental task, we created and built three different versions of the forest planting machine. This equipment will assist us in planting an average of 100 ha / day of forest with only three operators per machine. In this way, we can, with more machines, plant hundreds of hectares a day and meet this challenge of planetary proportions.

We are not silent in the face of difficulties. If we find an obstacle, we build a solution. Nothing will stop us from achieving this purpose.

To paraphrase the Romans:

If we leave, we arrive
If we arrive, we fight
And if we fight, we fight until we win"