Our History

Our afforestation and, more recently, reforestation project to recover degraded areas, arises from a childhood dream in the 1970s, when Marcello Guimarães, founder and current Chairman of the iPlantForest Group, studied at an agricultural boarding school, studying and working in the field daily for a couple of years, in those early years of his childhood, the love for the land, the countryside, agricultural production, respect for the environment and people living on the land arose. At 18 he started his career in the technology area, where he worked as a programmer, project analyst, systems analyst, founded his first company, and launched in 1993 the best-selling software in the history of technology in Brazil until today , Visual Kit 5, systems generator for layman on the subject, best seller in Brazil, which for years was the best-selling product of the Shoptime.com channel, among other TV shopping malls and resellers all over the country, in Europe and in the United States, where in 1997 he expanded his business, he lived and worked for 4 years.

Visual Kit 5 Book, version 8 (4th Edition/2004)

In 2012, he met Boa Vista, the capital of Roraima, where he moved to, married and formed a new family, choosing the state as the basis for yet another successful venture. After much study and testing, he founded the company Mahogany Roraima, a company specializing in planting African mahogany, which currently figures as the largest African mahogany planting venture in the world.

Beginning of the mahogany project. Same plant January/17 and July/17.

Right at the beginning of this project, he understood the need to plant forests (multiple species forming a set of native and exotic trees) and started the first research and studies to find a solution to the gigantic task of planting forests on an industrial scale, as he had been doing with African mahogany. It turns out that planting a single species, for example, African mahogany, is much easier than planting and achieving success in a forest with multiple species. During the following years of research, he created and built the first forest planting machine on an industrial scale, with quality and speed superior to the method he had created to plant trees, a method used by Mahogany Roraima. The method developed by him and his team was already extremely fast and difficult to overcome, the new machine for planting forests, developed over almost 4 years, accounted for the service and currently plants with fewer people, and much faster than the method they had created.

Studies for machine construction.

Recently his brother and partner Eduardo Guimarães, who was one of the creators of the Visual Kit 5 project, Kit 5 Mobile, BCyou among other successful projects, joined the project, which originated the iPlantForest Consortium, at his request, and has contributed significantly for the development of all intelligence, both for the forest planting machine, and for the management systems, monitoring and detection systems that use artificial intelligence and the entire automation part of the company. Eduardo Guimarães and his son Nicholas Guimarães developed all the artificial intelligence and automation that the company uses today and that made our machine a machine with characteristics of Industry 4.0. Right at the beginning of the creation of the planting method developed by Mahogany Roraima, we invited and incorporated into our team, an old friend of many years, our partner and advisor Rodrigo Pereira, who for years worked alongside us in the technology company, where he started his career and even today he accompanies us in all endeavors throughout more 23 years old. Next, important partners were incorporated into the projects, people who have been with us for many years and who have always believed and our creative strength, our determination to face the difficulties of the way and mainly, who understand the importance of reforestation to save the world from the problems that come living and that each day will worsen with climate change.