Respect for the Environment and being Sustainable are the words that define us. Our companies act by reducing and controlling the negative effects caused to the environment by the productive activity of other companies and landowners. The iPlantForest Group has as its main focus the recovery of degraded areas on an industrial scale. What has been deforested by anyone, we can recover, reforest and transform the new space into a living machine for the production of wealth.

Talking about sustainability is talking about our reason for being and existing. Nothing can be more sustainable and respect the environment more than recovering environmental liabilities, degraded areas, both Legal Reserve and PPA (Permanent Preservation Area).

Based on what we propose, we are helping to fight climate change, reducing CO2 emissions, working to comply with the Paris Agreement, and other challenges, joining forces to carry out the planting of 1 trillion trees or as many as possible, finally, we are more than respecting the environment, we are helping to save our planet, and in this way, generating value and wealth.