Message from the Chairman

Message from the Chairman of the Board of Directors:

How to face the challenge of reforesting degraded areas to recover environmental liabilities, fighting climate change, reducing CO2 emissions and helping to save our planet, allowing the idea to be self-sustainable, that is, that from an initial impulse, all the project can be financially fed and can we really help plant 1 trillion trees?

This is our daily challenge, this is the battle that we decided to face.

Despite being the creator of this whole project, this whole idea, from the beginning, I chose to put myself in the position of Advisor, much more than an administrator, precisely to be free to think and guide the activities of the companies we founded with this objective in mind. I sincerely believe that thinking about this project and guiding it from a conceptual point of view is more important to guarantee the longevity of this entire enterprise. From the first day, whenever I referred to this project, I always repeated, it will be a company of 1,000 years or more. Planting trees, regardless of how and for what, should be a perpetual activity.

I trust in the managerial and administrative capacity of my employees and whoever will be incorporated into the project in the future, to assist us in the task of running our companies, and I am convinced that I took the right attitude to guarantee the professionalism of our management. I contribute more thinking about the business and trust in our ability to choose good managers to realize this dream, with our supervision and advice.

Daily, I wake up and spend all my day, devising alternatives to accomplish our main objective, reforest, forest, plant trees on an industrial scale to recover the largest amount of degraded areas and help plant 1 trillion trees in the World, starting with the Legal Amazon .

With each passing day we organize all the procedures and operations that are the support for the success of this dream and our focus remains the same, to create and elaborate ways to achieve our goals in scale, fast and with better cost, because we understand that the challenge it is so big that we need to rethink every day what we are doing and how we can improve. Planting forests is so difficult that almost all projects in this area have very small plantations, compared to the size of the problem that needs to be solved. Brazil cuts 1,049 trees per minute, we plant 1 tree per second, using a planting machine, which leads us to believe that it is possible to plant more than is cleared, and it is possible to plant 1 trillion trees to fight climate change, without having to spend trillions of dollars.

The dream that moves us is very gratifying, and it is very good to see how people are impacted by our struggle. I have been working to publicize this cause, raise this flag very high and attract people to support us in this fight.

The challenge is everyone’s challenge, although not everyone knows that this battle must be won. The balance of the environment impacts even the diseases to which we are subjected. Everything on planet Earth is interconnected and development has directly attacked this balance, which puts the very existence of man on earth at risk.

It is possible to develop the world and reforest degraded areas to bring the balance back to life on earth. What is the use of continuing to destroy and in the end, discover, as we are living today with coronavirus, that there will be no space for us (humans) on our planet. Did you notice how this pause we took in factories and the global economy is helping to clean rivers, lakes, canals and the air? We can do this daily, planting trees and changing the way we are attacking our home.

We are able to change the reality in which we stand, we will join forces and promote actions such as iPlantForest to reforest the world, protect native forests and combat climate change, transforming our planet into a planet of life, peace and balance .

“Every man should plant a tree, write a book and have a child”, as the poet José Martí used to say. You can also plant one or more trees, join our struggle and help save your home, Planet Earth.

Eduardo Guimarães, March 19, 2020.