Why invest in iPlantForest?

The project to recover degraded areas with reforestation using native and exotic species (for cutting), planting forests on an industrial scale is unprecedented and unprecedented in the forestry development industry.

At first, we are focused on assisting landowners in the Legal Amazon region that have environmental liabilities, to reforest their lands, recovering their environmental liabilities and with that the owner will be able to discuss reduction in environmental fines, mitigate administrative, civil or criminal proceedings, which opens up a huge universe of landowners for our project who do not have the resources to recover their land, who need to recover their properties due to fines and lawsuits and who, in some cases, already have their property seized as a result.

The iPlantForest Group solves this problem, creating a business for the sale of credits for forest replacement and wood with 8, 10, 12 and 18 years or more, which even agreeing on prices similar to the lowest prices on the market, is still an extremely profitable business with return margins per hectare ranging from BRL 197,000/ha to BRL 316,000/ha in 18 years. Dividing these values, very conservative, by 18 years, we have an average return per hectare/year of approximately BRL 15,000.

The iPlantForest Group helps to:

  1. Combating climate change by planting forests where native species will remain untouched;
  2. Helps reduce CO2 emissions or zero;
  3. Preserves native forests by presenting a solution for cutting down planted trees;
  4. He does not plant “green deserts” but forests (multiple species);
  5. Resolves environmental liabilities for those who deforest irregularly and do not know what to do;
  6. It produces riches for those who had an unresolved problem;
  7. Stimulates reforestation;
  8. Allows the legal exploitation of bio products in planted native forest;
  9. Helps comply with the Paris Agreement;
  10. Helps hit the goal of planting 1 trillion trees.

In short, we are creating what could be the largest reforestation company in Brazil and possibly in the world, because it is precisely the one with the largest amount of free land for planting forests.


Anyone who cares about the health of our planet, who wants to see the problem of illegal deforestation ended, who wants to achieve zero CO2 emissions, who believe like us that we need to plant forests and maintain these forests, who understand that the industry needs wood and that we can plant these trees helping to save the planet in lands that have been deforested, solving all these problems with a single action: planting forests with native and exotic species, can support this project, investing in the companies that form this consortium.

By investing in the companies of the iPlantForest Group, you are investing in yourself, in your future and in the future of our planet.