Planting Water

Among the countless reasons that we can cite for why to plant trees, one of the most fundamental, not to say important, is to plant water.

And, you might wonder, planting water, what does that mean?

In fact, the concept is quite simple to understand and extremely important to apply.

Trees “brake” and distribute water during rainfall, allowing it to gently penetrate the soil. Obviously this is the simplest explanation, because this site does not have the objective of being a center of technical information and rather a repository of ideas and options for that all those who have an interest in combating climate change, and in this case, the production of drinking water, can you understand what our company can do and how?

Our expertise is planting nursery seedlings, or tree seedlings, and in this case, when planting trees, we are consequently planting water too.

There are many technical and scientific references that you can consult on the internet about this topic, and we recommend that you study this idea further, because it is determinant for our survival on planet earth, after all, without drinking water, there would not exist or worse there will be no life on earth.

iPlantForest is therefore a company that also plants water.