To plant native and exotic trees on an industrial scale (mechanized) to recover deforested or degraded areas, helping: in the fight against deforestation, compensation for CO2 emissions, combating climate change, helping our planet to be a better place, while producing wealth that will be reinvested in the continuity and expansion of this same project and in the development of people.

To use software and mechanization solutions created by the iPlantForest Group also in silvicultural planting (monoculture) for our group or for third parties. In this sense, we have been planting African Mahogany (the largest African Mahogany planting operation in Brazil at the moment) and we have increased our facilities to plant commercial forests for business groups looking for better costs for planting their “forests”.

To invest in people and children, through income generation, education and programs to raise peoples’ awareness for the preservation and construction of a better world.

The creation of the iPlantForest Group  was based on our certainty that it is possible to help change the relationship between Deforestation X Reforestation, help neutralize carbon emissions, help fight climate change, help land owners recover their liabilities environmental issues, help produce income for those who need it and live in the regions where the forests will be planted, help raise awareness among children and adults. Furthermore, by doing so, produce wealth for our partners, our investors, and use part of this financial result to reinvest in this project, thus creating a virtuous circle of planting, recovery of areas, production of wealth, awareness and planting again.

To achieve our goals, the iPlantForest Group created a modern SAAS system (Software as a Service) and the most efficient and fastest forest planting machine available today @Forest.Bot (Patent Pending), with which we can scale forest planting projects 100% georeferenced forests or reforestation, organized by this modern system, which runs on the cloud, tablets, smartphones and computers. In this system, where all tasks, from seed collection, seedling production, planting, forest management, and even education, courses and lectures were recorded in the form of SOP (Standard Operational Instruction) and planting much faster and with higher quality, thanks to Forest.Bot (Patent Pending), planting machine that uses Artificial Intelligence, Autopilot, minimal plant of 1,800 seedlings/hour and irrigates seedlings with water or gel, in a non-stop continuous planting system.

You can request more information by email: [email protected]